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Présentation des différents inner Jianghu en anglais pour le moment je ferais la trad plus tard Smile
le lien original : http://revelation-aow.enjin.com/forum/m/15531126/viewthread/11846160-jianghu-inners
et page complémentaire : http://revelation-aow.enjin.com/forum/m/15531126/viewthread/8589519-skill-anatomy

There are several ways to get Jianghu Inners:

1) (Instance) Jianghu Inner Books 1-36* drop in Hell and Shura Instances

* Hell only drops 1-9; Shura can drop any of 1-9, 10-18, 19-27 or 28-36

TV: Setting Sun / Twilight Skill Tactic
GCC: Five Elements Mental Skill
PV: Purple Rosy Clouds Skill
DGI: Wuwang / Taoist Divination
Yanmen: Against Worldly Evil

2) Jianghu Inner Fragments from ME/RE. 10 Fragments combined give a random book for 37-49*

* 37-40; 41-43; 44-46; 47-49

3) Bloom Plum Daggers that drop in Shura Instances. Each level 1-30 costs 10 Plum Daggers. 30-36 is 20 per level
Tweek wrote:
Hunyuan / Chaos Style, Icy Heart, Blood Blade, and Poison Toad come from the Mysterious Expert. You can exchange Blood Plum Daggers for Levels 1-36 and then find fragments and combine them for Levels 37-49.

Jianghu Inner Stats :

- I mention that I have no idea how you get to lv64 Jianghu Inner

Jianghu Inner Effects

Setting Sun / Twilight Skill Tactic: when you attack or are attacked - get CC immunity buff for 2s, 14s cd. Lv64: 3s immunity.
Obtained in TV.

Five Elements Mental Skill: every attack reduces target's breath/spirit/stamina by 1 each and turn them to you as +3 breath for 30s, 50% to apply effect twice, max stack 27 (in total +81 intelligence). lv64: max 35 stacks.
Obtained in GCC.

Purple Rosy Clouds Skill: (pvp only) next attack does extra yin damage equal to 70% of target's lost energy +100, 10s cd. lv64: damage increased to 75% of lost energy + 150.
Obtained in PV.

Wuwang / Taoist Divination / Chimeric Mirage Skill: while you are not attacking - damage taken is reduced by 20%, when you attack - your attacks ignore 10% of enemy internal / external defenses and do 5% more damage. Lv64: damage taken reducement is increased to 24%, resistance ignoring to 12% and you do 6% more damage.
Obtained in DGI.

Against Worldly Evil / Evil Villain Skill: every attack target didn't block will give you a buff - increases damage dealt by 1.5% for 16s, stacks 13 times; if target blocks - you loose 1 stack of buff; when all stacks are gone there is a chance to get self buff for 12s: all defenses boost by 50%, attacks do extra soft damage. Lv64: stacks 15 times.
Obtained in YanMen Pass.

Poisonous Toad: when you take damage (but not blocking) - attacker has a chance to receive a debuff, when 8 debuff stacks are reached - they will interrupt attacker's skill and forbid movement for 3s.
Blood Plum Daggers from Shura mode instances.

Blood Blade / Seal Blood Strength Skill: your attacks have a chance cause extra damage and give DoT debuff to target for 8s, during it target's hp recovery (potion or skill) is reduced by 80%.
Blood Plum Daggers from Shura mode instances.

Icy Heart: blocking damage has a chance to activate a buff for 8s - during it blocking will recover hp (equal to 250% of received damage + 298 + % of your breath, effect cannot occur more often than once every 0.5s) and block energy recovery speed is greatly increased.
Blood Plum Daggers from Shura mode instances.

Chaotic Yuan / Hunyuan: when you are under attack and have forbidden qinggong, movement or are stunned - for 3s you will have health regeneration buff and have a 70% chance to remove all debuffs.
Blood Plum Daggers from Shura mode instances.

Sunflower Manual: every attack has a chance to steal target's speed, air and ground dash distance (max 6 stacks, lasts for 27s), when stealing - chance to ignore all movement debuffs for some time; every attack has a chance to get buff for 36s - no 1.5s cooldown between skills within one style; every attack has a chance to get a buff for 30s - no 7s cd between different skill styles; when has both buffs - will short ignore stun, knockdown, knockback, knockair and have increased accuracy.
Jianghu Treasure / Eunuch

Star Absorbing Skill: every attack has a chance to debuff the target to keep loosing energy and reduce speed by 60%; has a chance to absorb target - increase self attributes and hp/en, increase all basic attributes by 10% (max 20 stacks), and ignore all movement debuffs for some time.
Jianghu Treasure / Woman counterpart for Eunuch

L'accomplissement absolu du maître d'armes :

Le premier enjeu est la fusion de l'homme et de l'épée. Lorsque l'épée est en l'homme et que l'homme est en l'épée, même un brin d'herbe peut s'avérer tranchant.

Le second enjeu est atteint lorsque l'épée, absente de sa main, reste présente dans son cœur. Alors, même sans elle, il peut terrasser son ennemi à une distance de cent pas.

L'ultime enjeu du maître d'armes est de n'avoir d'épée ni à la main ni dans le cœur. Alors, le maître d'armes embrasse toute chose par la pensée. Il ne cherche plus à semer la mort sur son passage, mais la paix dans le cœur des hommes.

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